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Here you'll find out everything you need to know about our towbars and towbar fitting services

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The questions we are asked most regularly include:

1. What is covered by my guarantee?

We offer a guarantee against faulty parts and workmanship. All towbars fitted by us come with the manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and are EC approved. (Currently commercial vehicles are exempt from EC approval). All electrical installations are guaranteed for one year from date of invoice. Warranty work will only be undertaken at the original fitting address except in extenuating circumstances and even then only within the areas that we cover and at The Towbar Man’s discretion.

2. What is NOT covered by my guarantee?

Damage caused to the towbar by exceeding the maximum weight restrictions for your vehicle. Wear and tear or misuse of electrical sockets. Rust caused by inclement weather and accidental damage. Blown fuses. Please follow the handy tips shown on the back of your invoice.


3. How much weight can I tow behind my vehicle?

Please consult your manufacturer’s handbook for the exact maximum towing capacity for your vehicle. However, our staff will be able to give you a recommended weight on some vehicles if you cannot find this information. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the maximum weight and nose weight (on the coupling point, also known as the ‘S’ value) is not exceeded for safety reasons and so as not to invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on the towbar.

4. Can I tow a caravan or trailer and use a towbar mounted cycle rack at the same time?

We supply tow ball mounted or platform-style racks as well as racks that are fitted using a plate, which is secured behind the tow ball, keeping the ball free for trailers etc. Please make sure the maximum nose weight is not exceeded. Cycle weights vary. Visit under Tow and Carry for further information about your vehicle and the correct cycle rack as there are some exceptions or ask our staff for help.

5. Will I need a bumper cut to my vehicle?

Our office staff will be able to advise you if your vehicle needs a bumper cut and whether it will be a visible or invisible cut, together with the dimensions. Many vehicles come with colour-coded bumpers or sport kits and therefore a small aperture may need to be made to allow room for the neck of the towbar. However, some towbar manufacturers supply a bumper insert or cover for this. Please call the office for further information.

6. Will the towbar interfere with my parking sensors?

This is rarely a problem although we do not give a 100% guarantee, as some sensors are fitted after-market. Some towbar manufacturers advise the fitting of a detachable towbar where feedback from fitters has caused concern. It should be remembered that parking sensors only detect the towbar when in reverse. Alternatively, we can fit a special relay to cut out the parking sensors. Please ask for prices on booking. If using dedicated wiring, the kit may come with a parking sensor cut out. This may need to be activated by re-coding your vehicle at your local dealer after the fitting of the kit. This only applies to some models.

7. Do I need Dedicated (vehicle specific) wiring or a Universal by-pass kit?

Much depends on the vehicles own features, e.g. Trailer Stability Program (TSP), CAN bus or Parking Distance Control. Dedicated wiring is advantageous where the vehicle is fitted with these features (please ask our staff). However, while CAN bus is the latest technology you may still want value for money. We therefore can fit a Smart by-pass relay which will activate the main functions on your trailer, including fog and reverse lights for trailers or caravans, without interfacing with the car’s CAN bus system. The CAN bus is by-passed and therefore the vehicle does not need coding at the dealer. After considering these options, the choice is yours.

8. Will my vehicle's warranty be invalidated if I have universal (non-dedicated) wiring fitted using a Smart by-pass relay?

This is perhaps the most common question we are asked. Both Universal and dedicated kits fitted by ourselves provide all light functions and are covered by our own warranty for one year. In the unlikely event, that our wiring this causes a fault, you will be covered by our own warranty. All other vehicle warranty issues will still be covered by your manufacturer's warranty.

9. Can I remove my existing towbar and fit to a newer model of the same vehicle?

This would depend on whether the new vehicle has been significantly changed in design. Please note that all cars registered from 1 August 1998 must be fitted with an EC type approved towbar. Our office can advise. However if you have removed the towbar, please make sure you have all the fitments, including captive nuts, bolts, washers etc. (please note that tow bar manufacturers advise using new bolts and nuts and these can be purchased separately as a Bolt Kit). Also, to save cost to yourself, please ensure any bumper protector plates, cycle plates or Al-Ko tow balls are removed from previous vehicle.

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